Saturday, May 26, 2012

STOCK Act another Occupy victory

When President Obama signed the STOCK Act into law last month, it was another victory for the Occupy coalition - the same movement that The Media despises with all its gusto. That's why you hardly heard anything about it.

The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act is designed to fight corrupt insider trading by members of Congress and other federal employees by barring them from using info they gained from personal business for their own profit. It also says all congressmorons must publicly disclose on their websites all their transactions in stocks and bonds within 45 days. And it says members of Congress have to make public the mortgage terms of their homes and denies pensions to members convicted of felonies that involve public corruption.

In other words, members of Congress are now required to follow the same tough laws as everybody else. If you misbehaved on the job, would you still get a pension? I think not indeed.

We in Occupy pushed for this law. And we got it.

When was the last time a progressive movement has been able to score such consistent policy victories in America? Wall Street is scared shitless of us, and they know they can't hide it.

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