Friday, May 25, 2012

Devou Park golf course losing money

We at The Last Word remember the '90s when the city of Covington needlessly expanded the golf course at Devou Park - which deprived the public of many park features. Hilarity ensued when some folks who were angry about the course's expansion took some of the golf carts and crashed them - but the city's wastage is no laughing matter.

It turns out the city has been losing money on the golf course throughout the 17 years since the expansion. This boondoggle has cost the city $120,000 each year.

Perhaps worse, it also encouraged the city to try to defray the cost by ruining the park's famous overlook with a high-end reception center they could use for revenues.

Plus, expanding the golf course violated the agreement the city entered into when it first received the land for the park.

When are the Tea Party's self-anointed budget guardians going to go after this? Is this like how they grandstand against big spending even after they supported costly wars in Iraq?

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