Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romney beat up schoolmate because he thought he was gay

This is what's become of the Republican Party?

Disbelief almost kicks in when you see stories like this, though I guess in some ways it shouldn't, for the modern GOP seems to be built entirely on making life rough for everybody else. Now it turns out that Mitt Romney - while attending high school at an elite prep school - assaulted a schoolmate because he thought he was gay.

During the 1965 incident, Romney led a cadre of students who ganged up on the victim. The group tackled the victim and pinned him to the ground while Romney cut his hair with scissors. Five different people have confirmed this story.

The victim died of liver cancer in 2004 - while Romney was Governor of Massachusetts.

If Romney doesn't lose the election by at least 20 points after this revelation, it'll be a miracle.

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