Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meth abuse soars in Portland (sigh)

You mean the prohibitionists who tried to ban cold medicine were wrong?! Imagine that!

Oregon and Mississippi are the only 2 states anywhere in this fine land that require a prescription to buy any amount of allergy or cold medicine that contains pseudoephedrine. This bill was passed by undeclared drug lords who (like their corporate masters) support the failed War on Drugs. They claimed it would stop people from making meth.

But while abuse of meth and other hard drugs has declined nationwide over the past 3 years, meth abuse continues to escalate in the few states that have this prescription law. Now it's been revealed that a staggering 23% of men arrested in Portland, Oregon, last year were high on meth - the second-highest rate of any big city in America.

Of course, inept drug czar Gil Kerlikowske (one of few flies in the ointment of an otherwise competent Obama administration) says it's because of surrounding states not adopting a law like Oregon's. Seriously, he said that.

Go ahead, drug warriors. Keep sticking to discredited ideas. It's a surefire recipe for disaster.

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