Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bill would make students pay back scholarships

The right-wing war on the poor and students continues full speed ahead in Arkansas.

When college grads end up earning less than their parents who never went to college - and every penny they make until they're 40 goes to paying off college loans - I think it's fair to say college is a scam. Now right-wing Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell wants to expand this indentured servitude.

Bell - a Tea Party fave from Mena - was previously known for quoting Mein Kampf on his Facebook page. Now he plans to introduce a bill that would require students who receive state scholarships but don't finish college to pay back the scholarship money they got.

This is absurd on so many levels that it busts our bip bone. For starts, there's the class warfare aspect: The rich need the scholarships the least, so this bill won't hurt them. (Big surprise.) For another, there's a host of factors - such as family illnesses, harassment, and other misfortunes - that may prevent completing college. Thirdly, isn't some college better than none?

Nate Bell's bill represents stale memes that should have never been allowed to escape ridicule in the torrid decades gone by.


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