Saturday, May 19, 2012

GOP caught committing credit card fraud

A few more stories like this - and trust me, they're out there - and we may see the total, irreversible collapse of the Republican Party. I can't see how they'd survive it.

As right-wing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker faces a recall election on June 5, a strange thing has happened: In upstate New York, a retired teacher tried buying groceries, but her credit card was declined. Turns out her card was flagged over a donation to a Republican group called Friends of Scott Walker.

But she never donated to Friends of Scott Walker. The charge was fraudulent.

The Walker administration is already mired in a scandal that's seen 2 of Walker's cronies charged with felonies for allegedly embezzling money from a veterans' group. Walker says he knows nothing about this incident - but that's a lie, because it was he who was in charge of transferring the money. RNC head Reince Priebus has also been implicated in this scandal.

The Republicans think they'll get away with all of this because they suffer from arrogance of power. Some years back, a much-loved athlete boasted that the government wasn't going to nab him for tax evasion, just because of who he was. But things didn't work out well for him. Similarly, the GOP thinks they're immune from having to pay for their crimes just because of who they are.


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