Saturday, May 4, 2013

Animated man bastes to 'Monday Night Football'

This is uproarious!

Because it's a weekend, you'd rather reminisce about hilarious old TV stuff than read about the latest right-wing blandishments of today's political antiheroes.

So here it comes. This is a 1975 opening to Monday Night Football that I found on YouTube...

The music makes you wanna get up and get down, doesn't it? But what makes this clip amusing is the cartoon man who appears 18 seconds into the clip. The Fred Flintstone-like man is shown watching TV, and when he sees that it's Monday Night Football, he starts goin' to town!

That's right, folks. He starts beatin' his meat. Pulling his joystick. Polishing his trophy. Basting his turkey. Tossing his salad. Walking in Memphis. Pullin' out the fiddle and rosinin' up the bow.

He appears to be fantasizing about football players darting around in his living room. Then he dons a football helmet and shoves his now-tired hand towards the viewer.

He changes into football gear when he watches Monday Night Football? That's like if he puts on a Big Bird suit when he watches Sesame Street.

That guy loves his football.

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