Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tea Party loses voter intimidation case

Chalk up a victory for the forces of good!

Back in 2010, Texas Democrats grew a spine and sued a Houston-based Tea Party group called the King Street Patriots. The King Street Patriots worked with the white supremacist Republican Party to train poll watchers to illegally harass voters at the polls. The King Street Patriots were the thugs behind the fascist True the Vote campaign that spread to several states.

Now a Texas judge has ruled that the King Street Patriots is not a nonprofit charity like it claims to be, but is a PAC that illegally aided the GOP. This ruling upholds several Texas campaign finance laws, which the King Street Patriots had cried were unconstitutional. And it means the King Street Patriots will be ordered to reveal its donors.

There's been some speculation that Tea Party leaders have been skimming some of the donations received by this group, and they're running scared because they're about to be exposed. Maybe it'll turn out that their leaders don't really believe any of the garbage they spew and they're just grifters. But I'm not sure, because the Tea Party just seems to receive huge sums of money from nowhere any time it needs it. It's pretty clear there's some money laundering going on in the Tea Party, so hopefully somebody will have the resources to investigate that.


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