Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Did IRS officials collude with Tea Party?

New details have just emerged about the IRS story that suggest a whole new question that hasn't been asked yet: Did high-ranking IRS officials actually collude with the Tea Party to whip up a scandal?

It now turns out that Emerge America wasn't the only Democratic-leaning group subjected to IRS scrutiny. A group called Progress Texas was raked through the coals as well, as was Clean Elections Texas, a group that backs public campaign financing. These aren't far-left groups, but they do sport Democratic leanings. It appears as if similar groups were also investigated.

Meanwhile, no Republican groups had their IRS applications denied during that timeframe.

If Emerge America was the only Democratic group scrutinized, we could accept that the IRS was being evenhanded. But now it's also been revealed that only one-third of the groups probed by the IRS were part of the Tea Party.

What does that tell us?

I'm now virtually certain that powerful IRS officials connived with the Tea Party to create this muddle. I think somebody at the IRS got together with somebody at the Tea Party to make it look like the Tea Party was being singled out - just so they could make hay over the resulting controversy. I truly believe this. From the new details, it's a fact that the IRS was actually targeting what it viewed as liberal-leaning groups - not the Tea Party.

In light of this story, we need lawmakers who are patriotic and brave enough to haul Tea Party big shots before them to answer some tough questions. Legislators need to launch an investigation and hearings against the Tea Party and government officials who may have conspired with them. As a blogger, I hope I can acquire the tools that will allow me to investigate as a journalist should, because the dinosaur media damn sure won't do it.

(Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-15/irs-sent-same-letter-to-democrats-that-fed-tea-party-row.html)

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