Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My readers don't like child abusers

For weeks, I had a poll on this page asking whether it's morally proper to condone violence against child abusers.

I expected this survey to be controversial, and I actually thought most folks would vote no. I thought there'd be a large contingent of readers who think we should try to "understand" child beaters. Personally, I think those who abuse children have forfeited the privilege of being "understood", but I know there's people out there who think I'm supposed to be mellow and forgiving 100% of the time.

Now the results of the poll are in. Readers of this blog voted 9 to 1 in support of endorsing violence against child abusers. Actually, I saw at various times that there were much more than 9 yes votes, but those votes mysteriously disappeared. I suspect it was actually closer to 15 to 1, but the poll applet is apparently full of bugs, so we'll never know.

Most of the time, I wouldn't harm a gnat. I'm not inclined to violence unless it's self-defense. But I hate people who abuse kids. Think of my stance as the law of the street. I grew up in Highland Heights, and I know official agencies don't always protect the most vulnerable. Children need a voice.

You can disagree, but I do not follow anyone to save me. I know there's not always a knight in shining armor to rescue the defenseless. Plus, I've seen what happens when people are taught to ignore problems instead of fighting back.

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