Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ministry takes stance in election, keeps tax-exempt status, cries about persecution

This story should blast a bazooka hole through the notion that the IRS is singling out conservative groups.

Rev. Franklin Graham complains that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - a ministry named for his father - has been the target of extra IRS scrutiny. But he admitted in a letter to President Obama and Vice-President Biden that this "charity" purchased a full-page ad endorsing a referendum against marriage equality in North Carolina. Taking stances in an election is a big no-no if you want to keep your tax-exempt status.

But guess what? The ministry received an official notice saying it continued to qualify as tax-exempt anyway. Yet Graham still has the unmitigated nerve to complain that the IRS is being unfair to the organization.

What a big baby.

Meanwhile, more stories have emerged of the IRS's viewpoint discrimination - against liberal groups.

The conspiracy theory that the IRS discriminated against conservative groups would be gone from the minds of mainstream America by now if it wasn't for a tone-deaf, broken media deliberately propping up this paranoid silliness.

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