Thursday, May 16, 2013

GOP politician gives monologue defending racial slur

This is exhibit #44,462,194,392,072,324 in Republican rebranding fail.

Steve Roberts is a Republican member of the Kansas State Bored of Education. It turns out that he recently gave a bizarre talk at a school board meeting in which he defended a racial slur.

Roberts delivered this dumb monologue during a discussion of African-American history. "We have to push the frontiers of political correctness and do what's right," he declared. He defended using the pejorative as "a test to see what the effect on Twitter would be."


So he uses racial slurs just to watch everyone's reaction? Now that's professionalism!

No wonder the Republicans have to keep making up scandals to batter the opposition. Their post-election rebranding is collapsing. Roberts's statement is that of a cheap bully, and it also reflects the party's deep intolerance. In fact, just a few days ago - as The Media was trying to whip up Democratic scandals - Florida Republicans lost Latino outreach director Pablo Pantoja when he became a Democrat. Pantoja cited a "culture of intolerance surrounding the Republican Party."

Let's enjoy having the Democrats and the Greens as America's 2 major parties.


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