Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Right-wing bill would punish electric car owners

As in Missouri, the North Carolina legislature is getting to be like a veritable Kings Island for ALEC and other right-wing extremists - in a state where people clearly don't want it.

A new Republican budgeting bill in the Tar Heel State would punish people who drive electric or hybrid cars. While the registration fee for conventional gasoline-powered cars would be $50, the fee for electric and hybrid vehicles would be $100.

And for no apparent reason. It's just the Republicans making trouble for the sake of making trouble. Just like the Tea Party suing the library.

Electric cars reduce air pollution, and North Carolina Republicans want to punish them for it. Such is the current state of the GOP - the party that thinks they have a birthright to govern without limits.

A similar law has reportedly already been passed in Virginia - but it was of course swept under the rug by The Media.

While West Virginia and Illinois now give robust tax credits for electric cars, North Carolina and Virginia are gearing up in reverse at the hands of a discredited party. Republicans are discouraging environmentally sound practices just because they can. The party plays with fire and laughs about it. And all of America suffers the consequences.


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