Sunday, September 2, 2007

Army trial witnesses killed in suspicious crash

This is something else the government and the media need to look into, but won't.

Last month, there was a helicopter crash in Iraq that killed several U.S. Army soldiers from a Hawaii-based platoon. Details of the crash are scanty, and potential sources remain mum. But it is known that some of the soldiers just happened to be witnesses in an important war crimes trial.

Sgt. 1st Class Trey Corrales is on trial for allegedly shooting an Iraqi detainee earlier this year. He's also accused of ordering fellow defendant Spc. Christopher Shore to keep shooting the man until he died.

But, according to military experts, without the witnesses, the prosecutors' case is down the drain. A retired military lawyer told a Hawaii TV station, "If these witnesses are no longer alive, there is no way for the accused or their counsel to question them. Unfortunately, it could mean that there is no trial."

The crash was such an obvious case of sabotage designed to kill the witnesses that it cries out to be investigated. Somebody needs to get on the media's case until it gets to the bottom of this and finds out who sabotaged the copter.


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