Friday, September 7, 2007

High-speed Internet looms

It's cool when stuff looms, isn't it?

Farts loom. They also waft and hover, but most of all, they loom. That's because they're farts, and their job is to loom.

In the northern Kentucky Yellow Pages, there's only 6 ISP's listed (dialup or high-speed). Which means that at most there's 5 ISP's available around here, because I know at least one of the ones listed is only available in the Ohio side of the area (even though they insist on advertising to Kentucky too, which ought to be illegal if your service isn't available in Kentucky). As far as I know, only 2 of the 5 still have high-speed available here.

Today I almost got the permission I needed for the high-speed ISP I had planned on getting, but instead I was encouraged to go with the other ISP. Granted, they're 2 bad choices (one is the cable monopoly, and the other is the phone monopoly), but my current dialup ISP had its DSL service chased out of this market by the big shots, so I'm left with nothing but bad choices. Besides, the first high-speed ISP I tried getting wasted 8 days of my valuable time before telling me they couldn't install my service.

I'm not going to argue about which of the 2 bad choices I made. But I'm also not putting my main website on my new ISP, because I know I can't trust this provider not to take it down. The website goes elsewhere.

Hopefully the government will break the near-monopoly - like we elected Congress to do. Right now, the area has no - I repeat, no - independent high-speed provider. None. Zero.

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