Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heating costs set new record; government sits on ass

It's another record!

Wait a minute. I didn't mean the good kind of record.

Each year at this time, the same story always emerges: Americans will face record prices to heat their homes for the upcoming winter. This year is no different, as folks in the great big U.S. and A. are predicted to pay record costs for electricity, propane, and heating oil to keep warm over the looming months of gray skies and frigid weather.

The costs of natural gas and electricity are predicted to go up 5% and 7%, respectively. But the cost of heating oil is expected to bunk up 28%. Propane prices are supposed to go up a staggering 30%. All of these numbers are a much higher rate than household incomes are expected to go up - if they go up at all.

Congress promptly acted and announced a new - aw, you're not fooled by that, are you? Say, maybe if Congress wasn't so busy passing meaningless resolutions condemning MoveOn ads, it could do something about it. But nope. They consider it not worth their time (unlike all this anti-MoveOn bullshit).

(Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070925/ts_nm/energy_usa_heating_dc)


  1. What do you have in mind? Congress needs you to plot a course of action.

  2. Perhaps...um.....not wasting time on this stupid shit like the Moveon.org resolution????

  3. 99% of what Congress does is a waste of time, but what I'm asking is what Bandit proposes Congress DO ABOUT high heating costs. Simply demanding the government "do something about it" isn't a solution.

  4. So you're saying you prefer a true democracy over a republic