Thursday, September 20, 2007

Senate comes through for Bush regime in MoveOn flap

So the Democrats have come through for the liar Bush once more!

The Senate has just voted to condemn a perfectly reasonable ad placed by MoveOn that criticizes David Petraeus. All Republicans voted for the resolution (no surprise) - and half the so-called Democrats did too!

Nice to know the allegedly Democratic Senate has time to waste on shit like this instead of more important things like the war and the economy. Luckily, no Democrat in the Senate who's now running for President voted for this idiotic resolution, so hopefully if they get elected President they'll put their foot down against this DLC nonsense.

However, Daily Kos reports that the Senate rejected a resolution to condemn personal attacks against Max Cleland, a war hero and triple amputee.

So according to the DLC and the GOP, it's fine to issue false personal attacks against a war hero like Cleland but it's totally taboo to run an ad against Petraeus that's factual and fair. (During Cleland's Senate reelection bid, Nazi scumbag Karl Rove helped make a televised attack ad against Cleland that showed Cleland morphing into Osama bin Laden all because he disagreed with Bush.)

Now that it passed a resolution to condemn MoveOn, what will the Senate do next? Condemn us too? The Senate needs to condemn their own stupid faces.


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