Friday, October 19, 2007

Border fence hypocrisy

The Department of Homeland Suckurity was so eager to build a fence on the Mexican border, just to show how much they thought they were standing up for good ol' red, white, and blue and all. But now that the fence is being built, somebody did detect something rather odd about the steel piping that composes the fence.

It turns out that the piping could be from...well, Peiping. The steel piping that supposedly safeguards America from the rest of this big, mean world isn't American-made at all but was made in China. This was verified by a photo of the fence taken in San (It Caused) Luis, Arizona.

So the self-styled superpatriots at the DHS who think the fence is such a cure-all won't even buy American?

Congress needs to pass a law that says that if the government is going to build this fence (a device that's probably going to be ineffective at stopping undocumented immigration anyway), it has to use American-made steel. Of course Bush would probably veto that too, just like he heartlessly did to the SCHIP bill.


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