Monday, October 8, 2007

Bush's excuses for vetoing SCHIP bill

Dictator Bush is such a liar that I shouldn't even be dignifying his excuses for vetoing the SCHIP bill with an entry here, but I need to show just how morally bankrupt the modern American brand of conservatism is.

When Congress passed a bill to expand SCHIP to provide health insurance to 10,000,000 more children, I didn't think Bush would actually be foolish enough to veto it. I know he wanted to, but I didn't think he'd want to put his party's political fortunes on the line.

But guess what? He vetoed it - thereby depriving millions of children (70% of whom are in families with an annual household income of under $41,300) of insurance.

Why? Bush said he wants to see "private medicine, not the federal government running the health care system." Um, George? Ever see 'Sicko'? Private industry runs the American health care system now. It doesn't exactly cause there to be, well, a health care system, does it?

Also, Bush complains that the bill would have moved the children covered by it from private insurance to government insurance - but this is an outright lie: Two-thirds of these children had no insurance to begin with. Not only that, but SCHIP, while funded by the government, isn't fully government-run: Private insurers still provide the insurance, and private doctors still provide the medicine. In fact, Bush and his cultists lied about almost every aspect of the bill, like when they falsely complained it only covers very rich families and undocumented immigrants. (It covers neither. The lie about it covering undocumented immigrants was spread by right-wing Missouri congressman Todd Akin.)

The silver lining in this roo-crackin' thundercloud is that, when Bush vetoed this bill, you could just hear the Republicans' political fortunes collapsing. Two-thirds of the American public supported the bill. If voters can keep this on their minds for another year, then election night in 2008 is going to be even more fun than in 2006.

Every time you hear someone complaining about "socialized" medicine or other services, it's almost always just a flimsy excuse.