Saturday, October 6, 2007

Greed brings shoddy goods

Fultondale, AL (10/3/07) - The ever-increasing shoddiness of goods (or more accurately, bads) has been a pet peeve of mine ever since the days of big hair - and it's only gotten worse. As Ned Flanders might say, products today are shod-diddly-od-diddly-oddledy-doddledy!

This is surely true of almost anything electronic - which has gotten progressively worser for years. It wouldn't be so sad if it wasn't a hopeless botch of inventions that could improve the lives of billions, and if the global greed merchants weren't reaping even greater profits from their detestable wares - which today are often made from unpaid prison labor abroad. (This proves yet again what a bunch of spoiled babies the corporate greed hawkers are.)

Let me tell it like it is: A lot of electronic goods sold these days are crap. Even as the cost increases, the quality continues to tumble harum-scarum downhill. This is true of TV's, radios, headphones, and most other high-tech devices.

It's gotten so bad that now I take it for granted that any new electronic gadget is going to have issues. Recently, a TV set I buyed only 2 years ago died, and I replaced it with a 1983 set from a flea market that works perfectly - which proves quality of products has declined. By this time, I was conditioned to be thoroughly unsurprised by the newer set's self-destroyment.

But now I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more! Recently I ordered a memory card for my trusty digital camera. The memory card is such a mind-numbing disaster that I can't believe anyone can sell such a piece of shit.

The memory card likes to ruin my priceless photos by failing to process them properly. The photos emerge utterly and completely ru! It burns me up inside. A pressing matter? Maybe not in my case. But the memory card breaking up a photo of a nude statue sighted in the middle of a roundabout on a road trip isn't nearly as serious as what can happen if an important agency buys this brand of memory card.

Think if, say, a police detective uses this brand of card to photograph a crime scene - only to return to the precinct to be confronted with that heartbreaking "Unsupported image file" plaint. I guess the maker of the memory card gets their rocks off on the thought of letting a serial killer go free because the chance to solve a crime gets dashed to pieces.

Now that capitalism has skimmed so much profit off its shoddy goods, maybe it should share its abundance with the world - the same world it exploits so shamelessly to pad its own bottom line.

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