Saturday, July 19, 2008

Army shoots pigs for drill

Animal welfare supporters are outraged by this story - and they should be.

The government announced yesterday that the U.S. Army will begin shooting live pigs and then try to put the animals back together as part of a medical drill. The exercise was scheduled to take place yesterday. (Almost no advance warning was provided to the public.)

The Army says shooting pigs is necessary to save injured soldiers' lives - but this is far from the truth, as the shoot is outdated, unnecessary, and downright monstrous. Military medical drills have been conducted for centuries without harming live animals.

This is the latest in a long line of outrages by the Bush regime that are so inexplicable that you almost can't believe what you're reading. That the Pentagon would permit such a cruel and bloody exercise when there are alternatives available is further proof that America has lost its way.



  1. This is a downright outrage. They can not get away with this. That's blatant animal abuse and torture! I bet you Bush himself came up with this idea, cause it sounds like the kind of idiocy he's known for.

    There's no way this will be permitted to go on. No way.