Sunday, July 27, 2008

McCain ad blames Obama for gas prices

Yesterday I think I saw what may be the worst political commersh of the season (except for the lies about the troop surge allegedly "working" that I was force-fed last weekend).

This ad - which was personally approved by McComplain himself - blamed Obama for the out-of-control gasoline prices.

Uh, what???

McCain's party runs the White House, as it has for 20 of the past 28 years. And they're against breaking up the oil industry, they're against suing OPEC, and they're against any moves towards nationalizing Big Oil. They also started the war that drove up prices, and they have no energy policy and have shown no effort to find alternative fuels or bring about more efficient energy usage.

So how is it Obama's fault we have $4 gas?

You can blame the Democrats for some things, such as confirming David Petraeus or the failure to repeal the 1996 Telecommunications Act. But the blame for the high gas prices falls just about 100% on the Republicans' shoulders.

Despite this, the McCain campaign is making gas prices one of its key issues! Good. Because it's going to bite them right on the ass.

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  1. I heard Karl Rove was helping McCain run his campaign now. Rove is about as unscrupulous as they come, that would explain the deceptive commercial. I saw it too and thought it was nonsense.