Monday, July 21, 2008

More about the Clayton County school scandal

This entry is about another important point about the embattled school system of Clayton County, Georgia. This is the district that nearly lost its accreditation and implemented mandatory uniforms to cover up for its own many failures.

Being the honest left-leaning populist guy I am, I think it's important to clarify something that was reported earlier about this school system. Some of the news stories I saw from early this year said that if Clayton County lost its accreditation, its high school graduates wouldn't be eligible for college. But I'm told that's not completely accurate - though accreditation loss would complicate things. A lot of colleges would still accept Clayton County alumni, but it would be much harder to get in, and many scholarships would be off-limits.

Either way, the loss of accreditation would harm students and render much of their work a waste. Although my own local school system never lost its accreditation, I know what going to school for nothing is like, because of my own many battles with the educrats. (They never did give me credit for the summer I fought Mad Dog's gulag, despite being forced to attend class almost every weekday of the summer.)

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