Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Conservative Fool Of The Day is...Stephanie Broz!

I've always known that people who think there's a druggie hiding under every bed have something to hide, and this proves it.

Stephanie Broz of Norwalk, Ohio, wuz on a mission. She wanted her town's school system to start forcing all students to be tested for drugs. Now. Immediately. Without delay.

Realizing they'd be sued, the school system rejected her proposal - but not without considerable embarrassment for Broz for suggesting something so outrageous.

But now things are really crashing down for Broz.

When Broz was the subject of a traffic stop last month, guess what the cops found? They found heroin. Oodles of it. They found so much heroin that Broz was indicted this month for 3 counts of trafficking.

According to authorities, Broz, the mother of an infant child, admitted selling the drug.

Following the arrest, Broz also admitted that her entire right-wing plot to institute drug tests in the schools was just an attempt to divert attention from her own drug dealing.

Well, at least now we've finally gotten an honest explanation from the drug warriors. Not like I didn't know for my whole adult life that the War on Drugs is a big right-wing scam.

Now are the new McCarthyists and drug warriors going to stop accusing people of being junkies and "dry druggies" all because they wore a "druggie shirt" or listened to "druggie music"? (The War on Drugs types think any music that's harder than New Kids On The Block is "druggie music.") It's clear the drug warriors are ear-deep in selling dope themselves.