Sunday, September 25, 2016

A stand against hate in Bellevue

If you put a pro-Ku Klux Klan sign in your yard, you shouldn't expect it to last.

But someone in Bellevue did the closest thing to it: They posted a Donald Trump campaign sign in their yard. To date, this is the only Trump sign I know of posted anywhere in Bellevue. I've seen this disgraceful sign for weeks on the way to the supermarket and the hardware store.

If you're enough of an intolerant bigot to support Trump, get out of my city. It's that simple.

The alt-right wants trouble, and now they got it. Last night, a group of people - believed to be teenage females - ripped the Trump sign plumb down. Good for them. Glad to know today's kids are smart.

Almost instantly, an urgent bulletin went out asking folks to identify the teens. (Still think there's no political pressure?) But even if I knew who the teens were, I wouldn't turn them in. I fully support their stand against hate.

America's cities in 2016 are not the place for gutter bigots - and we can't afford for bigotry to be mainstreamed again. The alt-right needs to get out of the way - or be taken out of the way.

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