Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Howard Dean thinks Trump was coked up

I watched the debate last night. I didn't watch it alone. And trust me, there was lots of laughter in the room.

I know it's disappointing that third parties couldn't participate, and that the Democratic establishment scuttled Bernie Sanders's candidacy, but that doesn't excuse Donald Trump's ridiculous performance. Trump was such an embarrassment that Howard Dean - who built the Democrats' successful 50-state strategy of the late 2000s - posted that Trump is a "coke user."

Yes, I noticed Trump's constant sniffling too and thought the same thing. I had a school principal who sniffled like that, and I suspected he was a cocaine addict. Trump's sniffle didn't sound like that of someone with allergies, a respiratory infection, or just a plain old booger. It sounded like cocaine. His overall behavior at the debate only drives home this point.

Remember, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is also Dr. Howard Dean. He is a physician. I bet Dean is more qualified to diagnose something like this than most people are. Dean went to medical school, and most of the right-wing pundits on Fox News did not.

The sad part is that it wouldn't be surprising if the Republicans nominated a cocaine addict for President, since it's already happened in this century.

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