Friday, September 30, 2016

Kentucky GOPer makes bigoted Facebook posts

Meet Dan Johnson, a Republican candidate for Kentucky House just outside Louisville.

A strange peep that Dan Johnson is. He's a bishop at his church, and he posted a sign there reading, "Jesus and this church are not politically correct." Now he's being called out for bigoted posts on his Facebook page.

Johnson's page includes racist pictures regarding the Obama family, including a photo of a chimpanzee that Johnson labels as a baby picture of the President. Johnson also calls on states to outlaw Islam, which he calls a "criminal syndicate." And he told the media that the Confederate flag is under attack because it represents "constitutionalists."

Dan Johnson's excuse for all this ridiculousness? "I want to be myself," he said. By that logic, I guess that means I have a right to be elected in Campbell County as a vocal alt-left candidate. If the alt-right is great enough to win The Media's support in taking over the Kentucky House, the alt-left is at least great enough for a county office.


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