Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gary Johnson doesn't understand the economy

Some of you aren't going to vote for a major party for President even if your face not falling off depended on it, but if you vote for a third party, try to make sure it isn't Gary Johnson. No doubt the Libertarian candidate has a few ideas that may tempt you to vote for him - such as foreign policy and marijuana legalization - but they're outweighed by his mind-numbing negatives.

Johnson had an unfortunate economic record as Governor of New Mexico. He championed failed austerity and "free market" policies, ushered in the rise of privatized prisons, and tried to foist an unpopular school voucher program on the state's people. He took a particularly hard line on welfare "reform" in an era when the right-wing media tried to make it look "cool" to attack the poor just out of meanness. Plus, Johnson obstructed minimum wage increases and collective bargaining. He even supports a federal sales tax that rivals the hated FairTax in its laughability.

The New Mexico Supreme Court ordered Johnson to halt welfare "reform" because he implemented it without legislative approval. Johnson ignored this order and was held in contempt.

Voting third party? Since Jill Stein made the ballot in Kentucky, I am - but it won't be for Gary Johnson.