Saturday, September 3, 2016

Third lawmaker reveals Bevin threats

It never ends with the New Hampshire Forehead, does it?

As 2 Democrats in the Kentucky House have come forward saying Matt Bevin tried to coerce them into becoming Republicans, a third legislator now backs up the story and says he was targeted too. Rep. Fitz Steele (D-Hazard) says he was actually present at the meeting where Bevin tried to bully Rep. Kevin Sinnette (D-Ashland). This despite the fact that Bevin denies the meeting even happened.

Steele angrily told a news source, "The meeting happened and I was there." Like the other lawmakers, Steele refused to switch parties. After this occurred, voters in Steele's district received robocalls lying about his voting record - which is actually more pro-coal than that of national Democrats.

My mind boggled so much at this story I couldn't even finish this entry for hours.