Friday, September 30, 2016

Bubbl-Eez bubble gum, Bubbl-Eez bubble gum... (Bubble Gum Weekend)

You've got to see this!

Sometime around 1988, there apparently was a brand of bubble gum called Bubbl-Eez. I don't remember it. At all. Never chewed it, never bubbled with it, never stuck it in a schoolbook, nothing.

But the music in the commersh was unforgettable...

That was posted on YouTube by the guy who composed the music, sang, and played all the instruments in the commersh. Small world, huh?

According to the ad, Bubbl-Eez was a "super-soft" beegee that was easy to chew and bubble with. I guess it was the bubble gum to chew during a flare-up of TMJ disorder. Also, the commersh showed an astronaut floating around in space and bubbling.

I don't think they make this gum anymore. I wonder if they ever did, since I never saw it. Nonetheless, the next time you're riding around in the car with a relationship partner or family member, and they ask what's for lunch or dinner, answer them by singing, "Bubbl-Eez bubble gum, Bubbl-Eez bubble gum..." Then they'll know you're cool.

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  1. It was a real thing. I ate it as a kid and loved it.