Friday, September 30, 2016

Get your anti-Bevin gear here!

A wise man once said, "It ain't a store!" Actually, this is a store! (That's an inside joke. It cost me lots of money just to hear it. So laugh.)

I know you want some goodies to trenchantly ridicule the New Hampshire Forehead - who rules Kentucky with an iron fist. Now, by popular demand, I have a CafePress shop that sells clothing and other gear depicting Matt Bevin with the words "This is a fascist" emblazoned across his enormous, Bert-like forehead.

You or your relationship partner will sure look sexy wearing one of our anti-Bevin shirts or caps. Or maybe not, since our gear has Bevin's stupid face on it. That's why we also offer other high-quality gear, including small stickers, travel mugs, and even mousepads.

So if you want some amazing anti-Bevin swag, point your pooper here...

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