Sunday, September 11, 2016

Covington has a Ploptoberfest too

After the streetcar debacle ruined Cincinnati's Ploptoberfest - because you're not allowed having fun in Cincinnati when the streetcar is more important - we coolsters are setting our sights on Covington's Ploptoberfest from now on.

We goed to Covington's Ploptoberfest today. It wasn't particularly exciting - except we were impressed to discover that the event mimics Cincinnati's Ploptoberfest in the amount of ploppage. It's kind of surprising, because it's otherwise not nearly as big of an event.

When I used one of the portable restrooms there, I discovered someone had tossed a light bulb into the toilet. I have no idea how they accomplished this, since it seems like the light bulb would have gotten broken at some point while being smuggled into the john. Later, in a different portable outhouse, I noticed another plopping. Usually, putting a Dr Pepper bottle in the toilet isn't all that creative, but this time, it was a Dr Pepper bottle full of cotton balls.

Ploptoberfest also afforded me a fine opportunity to test to see how long it takes to consume a big, chewy pretzel during a TMJ flare-up.

Also, although Ploptoberfest wasn't the most exciting event, we did see a woman who was in such a festive mood that she bubbled.