Thursday, September 15, 2016

What ever happened to income inequality?

Why isn't income inequality one of the top issues in the presidential race? I guess it's the same reason there aren't any other issues: The Media is too busy praising Donald Trump. That doesn't make it right to ignore income inequality - which was a major issue in this year's primary.

I'll be fucking damned if I'm gonna let income inequality be ignored like it's 1997 when the alt-right just told me to shut the fuck up every time I mentioned it.

This also won't be a rerun of 2014. It's gonna be more like 2011 on steroids. I've got people. People who follow through - unlike 2014. They don't like it.

Incidentally, I had laid a trap before Occupy started that would have done significant embarrassment to the alt-right cause. Maybe they were on to me - or maybe not. The trap wasn't sprung, so maybe they were, but then again, I don't think they're that smart. I can always set this trap again if they want to play hardball.

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