Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My state rep is now unopposed

Can you believe that a local Democrat is actually running unopposed? Granted, he's a very, very, very conservative Democrat, but unopposed he is. Usually, it's the Republicans who force you to vote for them by running unopposed.

My Kentucky House district is represented by State Rep. Dennis Keene. The Democratic incumbent faced a challenge by 24-year-old Republican Matt Teaford. A Republican had no chance to win, because this district was formed by carving out the river cities and university areas (to protect the alt-right Joe Fischer).

Teaford was sued because some local residents believe he actually lives in Ohio and is therefore ineligible to serve in public office in Kentucky. The suit also names the Campbell County Board of Elections, which allegedly let Teaford appear on the ballot despite him being ineligible. The lawsuit also says Teaford hasn't filed proper reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

After this suit was filed, Teaford withdrew from the election. He issued a statement calling the presidential election a "circus act" and blasting both major parties. He said his own party is full of "religious demagogues" who "lie to the faces of their constituents." That much is true.

The Republicans' right-wing demagoguery only drives home the point that they're unfit for public office - especially to gain full control of Kentucky government like The Media thinks they've been owed for at least the past 30 years.


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