Thursday, January 3, 2008

DLC kicks Kucinich off Texas ballot because he won't sign loyalty oath

So I guess the Democratic Losership Council doesn't mind being the McCarthyist wing of the Democratic Party. The DLC's dictatorial behavior makes me gladder than ever I switched to the Greens.

The inroads by the DLC into the Democrats' presidential nomination process have heightened in recent years, as the DLC has done everything it can to make sure nobody too far from the DLC fold can be the party's standard-bearer. Now it's more obvious than ever in Texas, where the DLC traitors have long been addicted to overflowing their gizzards with Bush's emissions.

The Texas Democratic Party - which is now overwhelmed by DLC rightists - has rejected Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich's application to get on the presidential ballot because he refused to sign a loyalty oath forcing him to support whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being. Not exactly testimony to the DLC's good sportsmanship, is it?

Even before I changed my party affiliation to Green, I knew I damn sure wasn't going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election, due in part to her support for the war. So I'm sure Kucinich must have had a good reason for not signing the oath. The loyalty oath is such a flagrant means of attempting to purge dissent that it's a wonder the party even allows it to go on in its name.

What's especially hypocritical is that the DLC-run Texas Democrats haven't purged so-called Democrats who endorsed Bush. In 2000, Texas State Rep. Henry Cuellar (now congressman), an alleged Democrat, endorsed Bush for President. Despite this, the Democrats later let Cuellar be their candidate for Congress.

However, what happened to Cuellar in his 2002 congressional bid showed once again never to shake hands with the scoundrels of the Republican Right, because the right-wing GOP establishment's other hand conceals a knife to stab you with. Cuellar actually won, but Republican Henry Bonilla's friends had Bonilla ruled the official winner even though the vote showed Cuellar ahead with an insurmountable lead. That day, I saved a screencap from CNN that showed Bonilla being declared the winner while Cuellar was far ahead, proving the Republicans stole the election with complicity from the media:

The DLC sure as shit didn't learn its lesson from this act of backstabbing. Now it expects Dennis Kucinich to support Democrats who will just keep backing Republican policies only to be stabbed in the back themselves.

Instead of keeping Kucinich off their ballot, why didn't the Democrats keep Henry Cuellar off their ballot for endorsing Republicans like Bush? Some apologists for the loyalty oath claim the Texas Democrats have this oath in order to keep Republicans from running as Democrats to get elected - but it sure hasn't stopped Cuellar and others who endorse Republican villains from running as Democrats.

Kucinich is now being joined by supporter Willie Nelson in filing a federal lawsuit against the Texas Democratic Party for refusing to allow him on the ballot. Nelson, the legendary country singer, said the party's oath is "un-American."

The DLC's purge is yet another nail in the Democratic coffin that'll be always on my mind.


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  1. Who is the real Democrat, Kucinich or Cuellar???

    Which one is against the war? CHECK.

    Which one is for universal health care? CHECK.

    Which one did NOT endorse BUSH? CHECK.

    The answers: Kucinich, Kucinich, and Kucinich.

    But he is the one who is not allowed to run as a Democrat...for being too much of a Democrat.

    How can they endorse Cuellar for congress after he supported BUSH?