Monday, January 28, 2008

Movie bowdlerizer accused of sex abuse

Conservatives who want to make the entire entertainment industry "kid-safe" have created a niche market lately. This market is for videotapes or DVD's of movies in which everything that might be even remotely offensive is edited out. Because heaven forbid a conservative get offended - even though almost everything (including Oscar the Grouch) offends them. The sanitized versions of the movies are unauthorized and are created by companies who had nothing to do with making the original movie.

It's like drawing a mustache on a work of art. For reselling these films in sanitized form, some of these companies have gotten busted for violating copyright laws.

A Utah fellow named Daniel Dean Thompson ran a company that catered to "values voters" by expurgating movies in this manner. He had to close his business when movie studios threatened to sue him. But now - like a true moral hypocrite - he's been nabbed himself for allegedly committing sexual abuse of 2 girls who were both only 14. The 31-year-old Thompson and 24-year-old Issac Lifferth have been arrested on charges of sex abuse and unlawful sexual activity.

So yet another "values voter" is looking at hard time.


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