Monday, January 28, 2008

Rise of homeland security campus lambasted

I found a great new article here criticizing the homeland security campus - the transformation of American colleges and universities into armed fortresses:

What's now called the homeland security campus has been expanding but isn't entirely new. I was in college in the '90s when the militarization of the American campus got perhaps its biggest boost, which was due to the Contract With America and congressional bullying. And I remember only a couple years ago when my alma mater selectively enforced its free speech policies - falling over itself to prove how open it was to free speech for more conservative causes, while muzzling folks who protested a Bush appearance. (Ironically, while Bush was shooting the bull with the university president, he commended him for allowing free speech - at the exact same time those who protested Bush were being stifled.)

The article says dissidents have been increasingly targeted (something I learned the hard way). Peace groups are the biggest victim of this suppression, as many have actually made it to the Pentagon's Threat And Local Observation Notice system, a domestic spying program. Professors have been interrogated just for daring to oppose the war, and students have been expelled for distributing antiwar fliers.

One professor found a hidden camera spying on his office, and the FBI has illegally scrutinized the records of all students who applied for federal financial aid. The Department of Homeland Suckyurity has even required schools to implement curricula to meet its agenda.

The article gives more detail about these abuses. Knowledge is power, so if you want to know what the American people are up against, read it and peep.

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