Saturday, January 19, 2008

Get out the thermal underpants! It's another protest!

Last night I goed to another protest against Kids Helping Kids - a youth "treatment" center that's actually a cult. KHK is the progeny of the money-grubbing abusive facilities founded by Bush crony Mel Sembler. Like the protest in November, I was invited to this protest because it's an issue I take very seriously.

It was bitter cold last night, and I was afraid the event might be called off. But we still managed to get 3 people together (when I was afraid we might have zero due to the weather) to drive out to the east side of Cincinnati to fight KHK's fascism.

When we got there, several things perplexed us so. I can't go into detail yet, because I'm not really sure of exactly what's going on, but after a few minutes it became clear we have KHK on the run. That's a certainty. Suffice it to say, we've had at least some effect on KHK, and we've put at least a dent in their activities. I'm so glad I got to participate in this protest!

I was sure to bundle up in 4 jackets and thermal undies! I dredged up coats I thunk I had thrown in the gar-bahge back in 1993!

The entire event ruled, and afterward we drove around Cincinnati! I even got to show my protesting cohorts the secret bridge that runs under the Waldvogel Viaduct! Then the 3 of us went down to Sawyer Point and traipsed through mud at 4 AM! This defied the Allowed Cloud that barred folks from the park after 11 PM. (For those who insist Cincinnati is dangerous at any hour, we were the only people around. So there.)

'Twas kinda neat!

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  1. Be careful not to step on the homeless who sleep on the surpentine wall.