Friday, January 11, 2008

Mark Fuhrman, talk show host?

Recently I read that Mark Fuhrman lost his right-wing talk show on KGA radio in Spokane, Washington.

You mean a station actually gave this racist asshat a talk show in the first place? A better question is: Do people actually listen to this shit? Apparently they don't, because Fuhrman had previously been dismissed from another Spokane station, KXLY. But the fact that KGA gave Fuhrman a slot even though nobody listened to him when he was on KXLY just goes to show that a conservative mouth can flip open, and they get paid for it, even if nobody listens.

Fuhrman, as you may know, is the former LAPD detective who, during the O.J. Simpson trial, lied about making racist comments. Audiotapes emerged in which Fuhrman had boasted about dragging blacks into alleys and brutalizing them. Fuhrman used racial slurs about 40 times on the tapes. He also claimed blacks in city government "should be lined up against a wall and fucking shot." The tapes also contained numerous instances where Fuhrman admitted to serious police misconduct.

None of these are real professional things for a cop to say or do, Mark. Anyone who was 33 at the time should have known better - especially a cop. Even before the Simpson case, Fuhrman was known in much of L.A. as a very unsavory officer.

For lying about the whole sordid episode, Fuhrman was convicted of perjury. He only got probation and a small fine (because Dan Lungren dropped the ball), but he's now a convicted felon.

So several radio stations gave a racist liar and felon his own show. Lovely. It gets worse. Mark Fuhrman is a friend of Sean Hannity and frequent guest on his right-wing programs and is often featured on Fox News as a law enforcement "expert." A disgraced felon who abused his badge is a law enforcement "expert" now??? Only in the "war is peace" world of BushAmerica.

It just goes to show that the worse of a racist and bully someone is, the more the conservative media machine will hold them up as some sort of expert and give them their own talk show nobody listens to. Guys like Mark Fuhrman are usually set for life thanks to the rightist media racket, and even without his local Spokane show, he's still probably bringing in boofoo dollars (as a professor of mine used to say) as a Pox News "authority."

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