Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kucinich foes continue their idiocy

The Democratic Leadership Council is the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. This goal of this "new Coke" of American politics has been to bring the Democrats' positions closer to those of the GOP, claiming that would increase Democratic vote numbers. All this has accomplished, however, has been to ruin the Democrats' chances for a decade and possibly longer - because it led the Democrats to abandon populist positions that distinguished them from the Republicans.

Key among the efforts of the Democratic Losership Clowncil lately has been silencing Dennis Kucinich. I don't think the issue is whether he'll win the nomination (because he's outside the top 3), but whether he'll have the forum for his views that the Hillary Clintons and Bill Richardsons receive automatically. By leaving Kucinich off as many ballots as possible, they try to deny him the votes that win his ideas more and better press. Kucinich himself is far less of a threat to the Establishment than his ideas are.

Recently, the DLC-controlled Texas Democratic Party announced it was keeping Kucinich off the primary ballot because he refused to sign a loyalty oath. The DLC McCarthyists would rather he endorse a pro-war Democrat in November than have the integrity to do otherwise. While the DLC shunned Kucinich for opposing a Republican-backed war, they refused to eschew congressional candidates who endorsed Bush.

That's the DLC's idea of party loyalty?

I figured there was no way in hell the courts would let the DLC's actions stand - but nope! Denied again! U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel (a Bush appointee, of course) ruled against Kucinich.

Some democracy, huh? Dictatorships make candidates sign loyalty oaths. Not democratic republics.

The plot to silence Dennis Kucinich isn't just the work of the corrupt party bosses but also of the media. Just a week after ABC decided to exclude Kucinich from its televised debate, NBC opted to do the same - after initially inviting him.

By leaving out candidates who dissent, what kind of so-called debate is that? I used to think debates we're about people, you know, debating stuff - not slapping each other on the back in agreement about everything. Damn! Guess I was wrong!

The media will give all the time in the world to Democrats who are preoccupied with censoring video games and changing the numbering of US 666 because it offends some dominionists. But Democrats who have real ideas like ending the war and fixing health care are silenced because their stances pose a threat to the corporate global empire.


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