Friday, March 27, 2009

Um, Harry?

If you look up the word 'lightweight' in the dictionary, it should have Harry Reid's picture next to it.

Today, the Senate's Democratic leader lamented John Roberts's dishonesty in a Christian Science Monitor forum.

Uh, Harry? Whose fault is it that Roberts got away with lying about being such a right-wing activist jurist?

I know Reid voted against confirming Roberts, but it's not like Reid did anything else to stop Roberts from being approved. Reid couldn't even get half his own party members to oppose Roberts.

If Reid had listened to progressives, he would have known all along that Roberts was full of shit.

Since the 2000 campaign, it's been clear to me not to trust Bush to protect even a carpet fuzz. So why the hell did anyone trust Bush with a Chief Justice nominee?

The way Bush kept getting his nominees through by pretending they were moderate reminds me of how Lucy of the Peanuts comic strip kept promising not to yank the football away from Charlie Brown, and how Charlie Brown always fell for it.

Fuck the "moderates." The courts are going to need some decidedly progressive judges to outweigh the right-wing ideologues who have been allowed to serve. And it's all because of lightweights sitting on their asses for years.


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