Friday, March 20, 2009

Wingnuts cry "hoax!" over Westin video

The flap about Tea Party protesters staying at one of Cincinnati's most expensive hotels has legs - or at least it would if the pop-up media would pick it up (which of course it won't). It's gotten quite a bit of play in the blogosphere.

I was there filming it, and I caught the BTPers entering the swanky Westin Hotel. From that alone, it's clear they either stayed at the Westin or tromped through its lobby despite not staying there. Others have pointed out that the Westin parking garage is different from the Fountain Square garage (despite what the BTPers have claimed), so if the latter was true, they must have been using the Westin garage despite not staying there.

When some of them posted nasty comments in which they stopped not even an inch short of boasting about staying at the Westin, all bets were off for those who claimed they were just using the garage. Clearly, many of these so-called "grassroots" protesters had lodged at this expensive inn.

Not exactly a populist bunch, are they? (As if their "Thank the rich" sign didn't prove where they actually stood.)

Now that they've been called on their contradictions, the wingnuts have resorted to a new tack. And it's far more laughable than their previous defense.

Now they claim the clip that I made is a hoax. I got a message from some Freeper bot today calling it a "fabrication video."

So according to them, I hired dozens of people to carry signs into the Westin that were perfect replicas of those held by the LOSEianne protesters. And I posed them perfectly so nobody would notice it was staged.

Seriously, that's what they're claiming.

Do they have any idea how ridiculous that is?

In another hilarious wingnut meltdown, they're claiming my video of the protesters goofing off during the national anthem is "dishonest." Then they had the nerve to accuse me of disrespecting America by posting the clip.

Uh, I wasn't the one who was walking around and playing with paper flexagons during "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The irrationality of the loudmouths who are attacking me for my clips is about on par with that of the programmies who popped off at us during our protests against Kids Helping Kids. In fact, they're probably worse. I've been told that some of the programmies are just frustrated parents who'll come to their senses once they realize KHK was a cult. But the indignation of the BTPers is more permanent. It's guided them their whole lives.

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