Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another reason to like Detroit

Late last year - after the Matt Bevin debacle - I seriously planned to move out of town, most likely to Detroit. But then everyone urged me not to, since I was doing all the activist work that nobody else around here felt like doing. If I moved out of town, everyone else would be left to their own devices. (One of the reasons they gave why I shouldn't move is that Halloween around here is just so exciting. Seriously, they said that.)

But if I had to relocate now, Detroit would be looking even better. A new poll by WDIV-TV shows that Donald Trump is receiving 0% of the vote in that fine city.

Not 1%. Not 10%. Zero.

I don't think it's much higher in any other urban area. I don't see any support for the poor ol' Donald on the ground here - with the exception of the Tea Party members who whined about the teenagers ripping down their Trump sign.

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