Thursday, October 13, 2016

35 years of capitalist "medicine" just got debunked today

And boom goes the bubble gum.

What happens when a licensed professional says I'm right, and the quacks I visited in my youth were wrong?

I told you I was visiting a certified social worker for PTSD today. I had wanted to keep it private, but I mentioned it because Donald Trump shot his mouth off about PTSD.

I'm not going to go over everything that was discussed today, because I still want to keep some things private. One thing is for certain though: 35 years of ineffective "medicine" I'd been subjected to since the Reagan era was completely discredited - all in the course of only an hour.

I explained my situation to the social worker today, and he agreed with me about the miserableness of it all. For one thing, he said I'd been prescribed too much Ritalin in my youth. He was completely unambiguous about this. There's no wiggle room on that now. He also said Trilafon was vastly overprescribed - and that it's not such a great drug anyway. I told him about some of the particular therapists and psychiatrists I was forced to see as a youngster. He said he knew them years ago, and he knew back then they were terrible. He also agreed the school system was pretty much full of shit.

He said what needed to be said. From the 1980s until recently, very few professionals would dare say it. A lot of grief could have been saved if I'd been allowed to see a therapist like this when I was younger - instead of the quacks I used to see. Unfortunately, our junk insurance probably wouldn't have covered it.

The long and short of it is that everything I've been saying for years was just confirmed today. It's also another sign that the quality of healthcare has improved under the Affordable Care Act (even though one can still rightly criticize the insurance mandate).

I really wish I knew how to fight back when I was young, but 8th grade broke my spirit. I don't appreciate what the quacks I visited as a teenager did - at all. When you're a kid, adults always say you'll someday appreciate what they did. Not in this case.

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