Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Food stamp story probably a hoax

Since we're on the topic of alt-right loudmouths on YouTube making up stories about people abusing public assistance, I think I've found a story from a professional media outlet that can be completely discredited.

Not long ago, a TV station in another city reported that people were illegally selling their food stamps online. This story of course went viral on YouTube. It turns out, however, that the station that aired this story has been owned for years by the far-right Sinclair syndicate - and that this particular station has been particularly militant about preempting network programming with Sinclair propaganda.

So the entire story was probably a hoax. After Sinclair's Baltimore station barged into an Occupy tent without permission, I for one do not believe a word this story says.

If people illegally sell or buy food stamps online, how come I've never seen anyone doing this? I know plenty of people who need public assistance. Yet I don't know of any of them abusing the system like this.

I think the FCC might like to hear about this station distorting the news.

In the meantime, go pick on the 1% instead.

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