Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NKU changes mascot because a person got scared

Can't blame "the liberals" for this story.

In recent years, Northern Kentucky University seems to have become either a jock school, a training ground for the alt-right, or both. It's not quite the venue for open exchange of ideas that we have a right to expect. I know this firsthand.

Now NKU has modified its sports mascot because it was "scaring children." Among other things, they removed the man's ferocious snarl and replaced it with a wimpy smile.

NKU wouldn't do anything about campus harassment - and removed the anti-harassment provision from its code of conduct because some pressure group told it to - yet it's worried about people getting scared by its mascot?

Why don't we just ban headless mannequins and TV Guide commercials with strange synth sounds? Does the Right even realize how hypocritical and ridiculous they're being?

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  1. LOL the TV Guide ads.. I remember seeing those when i was like FOUR.. It sounded like the sounds in the News Flash on Sesame Street!!