Friday, October 21, 2016

YouTube armchair dentists still wrong

I needed to speak up against this rampant stupidity, because most people are afraid to.

What in the world has taken over YouTube lately? I know the Internet likes to try to shame people who have punk rocker teeth. For the life of me, I just don't understand why anyone thinks punk rocker teeth are a problem. Real people agree with me on this. I'm certainly not vain about having crooked teeth, and it's never created medical issues either.

Lately, however, this is all they talk about on YouTube. It's truly mind blowing! It used to be kind of amusing, but lately it's gotten way out of hand. It's gone from armchair dentistry to spam from licensed cosmetic dentists. Whenever I log on to YouPube, about 20% of the videos they "recommend" are either ads or TV news stories featuring cosmetic dentists. The latter is particularly tragic, because the stories appear to be planted by these dental practices, and because it steals time from stories that are actually important.


Twenty years ago, these sales pitches angered me. Ten years ago, they saddened me. Five years ago, they made me burst into laughter at their idiocy. Now they sadden me again.

Having punk rocker teeth is not that bad. Got that? People I know in person think it looks cool, and it's almost unanimous. It's mostly only the Internet that disagrees. Besides, I don't change just to conform to society. If a potential employer doesn't like my teeth, tough toilets. If I'm satisfied, what's the problem?

Today, yet another cosmetic dentistry video from a TV news show was "recommended" by YouTube. I got to the point where I had to leave a negative comment telling them what I think. I didn't mention this, but I know either it was a planted story or someone on the news crew has a bizarre fetish for dental treatments.

The only thing I have a fetish for is telling the truth.


  1. I saw those dental ads and they are all so stupid..

    My personal favorite is the one that looks like it's out of the 80s and has the lady with the fake crooked teeth glued on..because the dentist WOULDN'T HIRE AN ACTRESS WITH REAL CROOKED TEETH..

    Runner up is the ad with the lady laughing and her kid standing there like "Duh, I guess".. The kid looks like he didn't even want to be in this ad..

    There was also an article from some reporter complaining about her lifetime of fucked up teeth..I'm sure it was no less than 1000 words. She goes on how she wasted all this money on cosmetic dentists. Then at the end she said her teeth orginally got crooked from chewing Bubble Yum, and now she gets mad at her kid for chewing bubble gum (which kids and adults chew). I was going to leave a negative comment on this article but it didn't have a place to put comments!! She was WHINY.

    1. Either crybabies or dumb jackasses..

    2. I just thought of a neat idea regarding this. I should make parody videos featuring an actual cosmetic dentist, and me extolling how satisfied I am with not using their services. "I've never visited this dentist, and I'm amazed at the results! Plus, not visiting this dentist was free! Who can beat that?"

      Unfortunately, I don't think any cosmetic dentists will agree to appear in a parody video like that.