Monday, October 3, 2016

Yay! High blood pressure! And TMJ disorder too!

Today I goed to the doctor, so do you wanna hear the postmortem? Yes.

I really don't have many new medical conditions that I didn't already know about. I know you're disappointed by that. But my paperwork listing current medical issues already listed a grand total of 10 different conditions - some of them disabling - so you should be pleased by that.

Today, the doc did say I have "very elevated" blood pressure, so I had to get a prescription for it. The doc also said I have TMJ disorder and recommended chewing bubble gum. Except she just called it gum, not bubble gum. This maxim directly contradicts many websites out there, and I see no need to increase my beegee intake. I have no desperate desire to walk around town blowing gigantic bubbles, and everyone knows gum is wasted unless you bubble with it.

For the record, TMJ disorder is not caused by punk rocker teeth. I've known that for as long I've known about TMJ disorder, and most credible websites agree on that.

Also, my regular body temperature is 97.8° F, which is unusual.

I have an appointment on October 13 for a different condition that is private, disabling, and not funny at all. But a dentist appointment looms on October 19, so be prepared for some laughs if I get more gnashers pulled.

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  1. Tim Tim Tim Tim..

    Having high blood pressure is NOT funny!! Having TEN disabilities at once is NOT funny!! Having punk rocker teeth pulled out is NOT funny!!

    Even if you have a really cool doctor that prescribes BUBBLE GUM of all things!!