Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump should have never opened his mouth about PTSD

USA Today sure knows how to downplay Donald Trump's venom. Last week, USA Today ran this headline: "Trump PTSD comments spark emotional debate."

What debate? PTSD is real. So zip your fucking lip, Donald.

I've suffered from PTSD for 26 years. I never served in the military or fought in any wars. I suffer from PTSD from being abused at school repeatedly.

And it isn't funny. Some things are funny, and some things aren't. My Sesame Street sore is funny. My acne scars are funny. My punk rocker teeth are funny. PTSD is never funny.

Ironically, Trump shot his mouth off on Monday of last week - the exact same day I went to the doctor and scheduled an appointment for this coming Thursday regarding PTSD. I didn't even tell a family member who drove me to the doctor that that's what the upcoming appointment is about.

Right from the giddy-up, until the Affordable Care Act passed, I had doctors and therapists who didn't take PTSD seriously. But the bubble gum doctor takes it seriously, thanks to Obamacare's improvements of our healthcare system.

By the way, the appointment Thursday is with a clinical social worker, not a psychiatrist, so I won't be drugged. Luckily, my battle with PTSD isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, but we didn't have anything like the ACA yet when it was at its worst, because the Republicans blocked healthcare reform so many times. For every day this logjam took off my life, that's more blood on the alt-right's hands.

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