Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm an alt-leftist

I am an alt-leftist. There's no shame in saying it.

I never used this term until recently, but in fact, my political views have changed very little in my adult life. I've been an alt-leftist for at least 25 years. More specifically, my Facebook profile describes my views as alt-left populism.

The Tea Party, the Donald Trump campaign, and most of the modern Republican Party are alt-right. I never heard that term until this year, but it's only fair to respond in kind with alt-leftism.

With the help of friends lately, I'm continuing the lifelong process of discovering the essence of alt-leftism. Protection of the left is not only justified but also strategically necessary in light of all the persecution faced by us on the left.

We're actually heading into uncharted waters, reflected in political, social, cultural, and artistic activities. The alt-right has doubled down lately - so I am too. Fair is fair.

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